solar energy

Study and plan it

We have the experience and sufficient knowledge to handle your deployments at a very low rate, and satisfy your schedule, there for, our team is ready for next challenges regarding the renewable energy that our country can do a lot with it. Study and propose a schedule, as well as deploy it in respect to time and quality of the proof.

Clean energy technology

Technologies travel a fairly predictable path down the learning curve, and different kinds of policies can push them along at different stages. To a first approximation, that’s what has happened with solar PV, except the market is still dominated by performance standards (like renewable energy mandates), while price signals (like carbon taxes and cap-and-trade programs) are having a little trouble getting revved up. This business in America is about $29 billion solar industry, so a lot needs to be done.

Installation and deployment

Deploying solar power at the scale needed to alleviate climate change will pose serious challenges for today’s electric power system Rapid changes in photovoltaic (PV) output as the sun comes and goes will require running expensive power plants that can respond quickly to changes in demand. With the use the power batteries specially manufatured for the solar pannels, power redressors and transformers, Transmission-DZ can deliver the project as intended, and as designed by the customer.

Solar pannel
solar energy