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real time telematics

Based on real time telematics and ECU readings, we deliver to our customers the realistic data from the vehicle, tracing the different odometers, FUEL consumption, temperatures and very helpful data to know what's going on you fleet as if you are inside each and every vessel.

Eco-driving and driver behaviors

The driving behavior is noted in real time, by monitoring of the fleets and cargos, ensuring the best delivery time and quality, and drivers evaluation based on the Eco-Driving report, Harsh acceleration, Harsh braking, Sharp turns, all are noted for better safety.



We use the up to date monitoring solutions with customization as per the customer needs, thus we deliver with :

  • Monitoring of the fleets and cargos, ensuring the best delivery time and quality.
  • Penalties applied on the violations automatically by the system.
  • Drivers evaluation based on the eco-driving report.
  • Warnings to the driver by buzzers in the cabine.
  • Eco-driving configured for the buses, trucks, light vehicles separatly.
  • Reports generated with details of all infractions.
  • Control the start engine for authorized persons only, using RFID mobile cards.
  • Stop the car remotly by an SMS or Command from the platform, or based on some events (like weekends, unauthorized areas, and others).

The assessment model depends on the violation criteria and coefficients that can be set for each vehicle individually, Each violation adds penalty points, which fleet managers should try to minimize. Penalty points are calculated for each Trip :

  • We offer various report customization, and shared automatically.
  • If your vehicle is at amber area, everything is recorded and pushed out, sooner coverage is reached.
  • Drivers fatigue control, time of continuous drive is custumizable.
  • Extend the life of your trucks and vehicles, keeping your driver safe.
  • Warnings to the driver by buzzers in the cabin.
  • Support is ensured 24/7, reachable via several ways.
  • After sale support is also available, so that we ensure you have a continuous and the best service.
  • Save money and make sure security is respected.
  • Make sure your truck/vehicle is driven in a safe way.

Cameras and home 24/7 surveillance

Surveillance cameras deployed for commercial usage and security coverage for a wide area are different from your standard stand-alone IP cameras, Our goal is to help you deliver the levels of service your customers expect through reducing costs and providing a greater business agility by modernizing the surveillance infrastructures and applications.

Fire suppression systems integration

Fire suppression systems are used in conjunction with various fire alarm and detection systems to protect your most valuable business assets, We help clients to create and maintain fire safety by devising the optimal fire protection solutions.