Fiber optics

OSP ISP deployment

Fiber optic networks are increasingly becoming the preferred choice for people seeking high-speed and reliable broadband services. The growing demand for brand-width intensive applications has further encouraged the large scale deployment of centralized fiber optic networks. We at Transmission-DZ help in ensuring that the end users are able to exploit the benefits of such advances in technology by providing the most cost effective connectivity solution to help bridge the gap between the service providers and actual users. We offer the extremely robust and eco-friendly solutions that are not only extremely reliable but also quite versatile.

OTDR tests

There are several reasons that might lead to development of faults in the fiber-optic cable during or after their deployment. Timely detection and rectification of these faults is necessary to minimize the network downtime and the inconvenience to the users. Our expertise in using OTDR systems makes it possible to identify the flaws and their location well in time to help restore the performance efficiency of the networks at the earliest time of failure. In addition to handling the above major aspects of fiber deployment, we also carry out manhole and pole work maintenance tasks. Our primary object is to help reduce the deployment costs of such networks without affecting their efficiency and integrity in any manner. In addition we also assure you of maximum design flexibility to help satisfy your specific requirements.

Fiber Splicing

We understand that in order to enable efficient transmission of large volumes of information over longer distances through fiber-optic networks, it sometimes becomes essential to create a permanent connection between two fiber-optic cables. Splicing is done to achieve exactly this objective and provide the best connectivity solutions while also minimizing the down time of the network. Our technical team is capable of handling both mechanical and fusion slice to match your specific needs.

fiber splicing