site pylon deployment

OSP ISP deployment

We always acknowledge the best network topology and response time, therefore, we gather customer requirements and create an optical network and simultaneously providing customers with a Bill Of Material (BOM), including prices and all optical parameters. This way we can always evaluate customer requirements and design the network according to their needs and according to physical fiber characteristics and locations available for hosting the optical equipment. Having many years of experience in design, we can manually select certain design parameters in order to create a more optimal or more price-efficient design.

access network

Network upgrade

All networks are alive and needs to be changed constantly during their lifetimes. For this reason, in addition to Day 0 initial installation, customers often require certain changes/expand/upgrades as a result of changed or new business requirements that they have. In this scope, our team provides a new updated design of your existing network by adding new services, hardware or business locations with simple and complex views at the time, keeping the quality of service and the response time as required by the international standards.

All the way around the deployment, it can be several networks to be interconnected, or an in building network for a corporate or an agency, during our service we provide a wide types of interconnections including wired networks (copper / Fiber ) or a wireless network as Wi-Fi or FH network. Thus in the meantime, series of cabling quality check and service control are done over the laid network in objective to have the best quality and the less attenuation and signal loss over the network.

Rollout services

No matter if you are deploying a single site, multi-site, optical, we have the expertise to deploy your network solutions in turn key project, either for a greenfield application, redesigning networks, or deploying existing hardware in new applications or new locations.

  • Ladder rack complete build design (MTSO/CO).
  • Equipment cabling.
  • Fiber duct installation/design (Plenum/none plenum).
  • Grounding testings and fix.
  • Data center design and deployment.
  • MUX installation/test including low en and high end points.
  • Telecommunication sites, GSM, UMTS, WCDA and LTE.
  • ADSL, FTTx, access network nodes deployment and commissioning.
  • WDM, DWDM, surveying and deployment.

We offer full installation and testing of the equipment as well as technical resources for the customer, if additional expertise and/or resources is required to successfully finish the installation in the specified time.

network deployment
pylons and telecoms