Fiber Optics

The growing demand for brand-width intensive applications has further encouraged the large scale deployment of centralized fiber optic networks; We can do it for you.

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Application and software

We encourage our customers to go for control and management over applications and software, there is our value added, we conceive, design, program and deploy fleet management and enterprise ERPs.

Remote surveillance and fleet management

Using our experience in this area, along with years of knowledge base, issues solving, customer assistance in remote-surveillance, GPS, and applications, we ensure the value of your investment.

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Design & deployment

Having many years of experience in design, we can manually select certain design parameters in order to create a more optimal or more price-efficient design;

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Solar energy technology

We have the experience and sufficient knowledge to handle your deployments at a very low rate, as the sun comes and goes will require to run a power plant that can respond quickly to changes in demand.

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Network Testing and audit

Based on our experience on the network analysis, our team offers a nice service of network hardware and configuration audit, and provides a report and counter measures to overcome the detected abnormalities.


value added services

As a strategic and knowledgeable company, composed with a nice team of professionals in several domains, mainly, Transmission over fiber optics and wireless, we Transmission-DZ offer a unique approach to how your network will be, connected, commissioned, and managed as well. With our complete offering, we can bring optimal network infrastructure to your environment at the best competitive rate around. Below is a list of services that we offer based on our teams and materials.